• BASSOLINO – CITTA’ FUTURA – LP En cours de réapprovisionnement

    Uniri se traduit par « un rêve unifié » et est la devise principale du projet conçu par Chiminyo (Cykada, Maisha), le fondateur et chef de file du groupe. Le projet s’est concrétisé dans son studio privé, où il a invité ses collègues musiciens de jazz Amane Tsuganami (Jorja Smith, Maisha), Al Macsween (Nubya Garcia, Gary Bartz, Kefaya) et Luke Wynter (Nubyan Twist, Golden Mean) à composer spontanément ensemble.

  • EABS meets Jaubi In Search of a Better Tomorrow

    BIO : A few years ago, a very interesting relationship began to develop. A bridge was built out of Jaubi’s releases on Astigmatic Records and the increasingly frequent collaborations between musicians from Europe and Asia – out of Latarnik’s trip to Pakistan resulting in the widely acclaimed album Nafs at…

  • MAYRAZ, YONI - DYBBUK TSE! - LP En cours de réapprovisionnement

    BIO : Fast-rising pianist and producer Yoni Mayraz presents his debut LP ‘Dybbuk Tse!’ revealing the story of a malicious possession that is taking over one’s body and soul. Dybbuk, known from Jewish folklore, is a malevolent wandering spirit that enters and possesses the body of a living person. It’s…


    BIO : JAUBI continues the Nafs journey, which commenced with the well received single “Satanic Nafs” (featuring the remix by legendary LA producers The Gaslamp Killer & Mophono) released in March 2021. Now JAUBI draws on the elements of North Indian classical music, Hip-Hop and modal/spiritual jazz in their debut…