Excellent maxi de remixes paru à la suite de l’album « Nocturne » de David Walters.


Four months on from the release of David Walters’ hit Nocturne album, the Marseille singer/songwriter’s penchant for creative re-invention is on full display on this new EP that shows off the creative dexterity of DJs and producers from Europe and the Caribbean.
Featuring a stable of DJs and producers, the EP enacts Walters’s resolutely international and collaborative artistic vision.
Paris-born DJ/composer Walters has long encouraged others to re-interpret his work. Indeed, one might say it’s a defining characteristic of his oeuvre, so much so that earlier albums have on occasion included differing versions of his songs on the same release.

If there’s a through line for the new remixes collection it’s the EP’s delicious groove. See, French producer duo Synapson’s version of “Baby Go” that’s sustained by disco dreaminess, strings for enhanced effect, playing around with momentum. Or the gorgeous Folamour-helmed “Sam Cook Di” sustained by the intricate Romantic sensibility of 90s Parisian House.
The inclusion of Folamour – the Lyon-based DJ/producer charged with carrying the torch of French electronica, check out his Mix Mag cover from April this year – in the EP line-up is quite a coup.
Other highlights are the EP’s twin re-invention of the song, “Papa Kossa” – a homage to the Cameroonian saxophonist/singer Manu Dibango, dubbed “Papa Groove” who passed away in March, 2020 – by DJ team Déni-Shain and Mister Francky, who are currently based at the legendary Debs studio at Point-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe.

The recording of the Nocturne album – released in February 2021 – epitomised the notion of “unplugged” – 100 % live, no over-dubs or re-recordings, the fact that the musicians were performing “without headphones” (no safety net) led to the creation of a work of “rare sincerity” as Heavenly Sweetness label owner, Franck Descollonges recalled.
The Nocturne remixes release maintains Walters’s essential spirit of collaboration; his desire to create music that is a bridge between places and people. But whereas, the first Nocturne album was deeply involved and meditative – a master class of musicians whose careers stretch back four decades or more – Walters’s remixes EP is all about contrasting voices and visions, spanning the globe.


paru le 1 octobre 2021

All Tracks:

David Walters: Composer, Writer, Guitar, Vocals
Vincent Segal: Cello
Ballaké Sissoko: Kora
Roger Raspail: Percussions

Fabrice Théodose: Writer
Andy Jean-François: Percussions
Remixed by Déni-Shain & Mister Francky

Emmaunuel Duquesnoy: Writer
Remixed by Patchworks / Voilaaa

Celia Wa: Writer
Paolo Bautista: Cello
Remixed by Synapson

Fabrice Théodose: Writer
Remixed by Folamour

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